Hi everyone, well it’s nearly that time of year when the man in the red suit arrives!! ¬†With both Sydney Wedding cakes and December Christmas cakes on the increase, November and December are busy months. Traditionally in Sydney, rich fruit cakes were made but now anything is ordered. ie dark chocolate, white chocolate, mud cakes through to lemon meringue pies.

With all Christmas Cakes I still use the colours of Christmas, red green and white.

If you are looking for something special this Sydney Christmas have a look at my Royal Collection.

With all cakes, Christmas or not, they should have a Wow factor(visual) and a Yum factor(taste). When I make a fruit cake the fruit is soaked in brandy overnight and at least three weeks before Christmas to let the cake mature. I make the traditional Christmas scene in snow, holly etc. all from sugar!!

I am also able to make a more modern look, say Christmas presents all wrapped in colourful papers. Either way, you can let your, or my imagination run wild!!!

As always, I personally deliver wedding cakes and Christmas cakes to Sydney and the Central Coast


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